Koro Sensations PVs out; Ninomiya Kazunari voices “Koro-Sensei”

The movie Assassination Classroom starring Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke opened last March 21 and topped the box office ranking, pulling 350,900 viewers and raking in 410,788,100 yen ($3.44 million) on its opening weekend. During the first day stage greeting, the voice behind the CG character, Koro-sensei, also kept hidden from the cast, was revealed. During the event, the lights in the venue were dimmed. When the lights were back on, Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari appeared on stage, surprising the cast and the audience.

Ninomiya apologizes “I do not want my evil character to stand out in my junior’s first movie, so I only came out today. I’m sorry”. Yamada, who was also surprised, delightedly says he is happy to be able to work with his senior even in such a form. His parents told him they think the voice actor behind Koro-sensei is Ninomiya but Yamada insists it is not him or else he would have heard from the Jimusho. He apologizes to his parents but says he was not lying to them as he was unaware.

In addition, the theme song for the movie titled “Koro Sensations” is released as a DVD single under the name Sensations (Hey! Say! JUMP). The members each have a code name for the new unit. Check out the 2 music videos for the song – Battle Mode and Operation Mode- below.

Sensations Member Code Names

  • Nakajima Yuto- Bullet
  • Arioka Daiki – Falcon Jr.
  • Takaki Yuya – Rapid Fire
  • Chinen Yuri – Doctor
  • Yabu Kota- Scope
  • Hikaru Yaotome – Sonic Hunter
  • Okamoto Keito – Shinobi
  • Inoo Kei – Geek
  • Yamada Ryosuke – Commander

(via OriconCinematoday, Eiga)