KOHH Releases 11 PV Previews for His New Album “DIRT”

On October 28, KOHH will release his new album “DIRT” physically. The album has already been on sale on iTunes worldwide since this past Friday. The limited edition of the album comes with a DVD containing music videos for every song on the album. There are 13 music videos in total. KOHH has previously released the music videos for “Living Legend” and “Dirt Boys.” Today, he released previews for the 11 other music videos. As with pretty much everything related to KOHH nowadays, these preview videos are subbed in English. Check them out after the jump!

1. Be Me


2. Dirt Boys (feat. Dutch Montana & Loota)

3. Living Legend


4. Now


5. Hirori


6. Tokyo


7. Chigau Ichinici (feat. J $tash)


8. If I Die Tonight (feat. Dutch Montana, SALU)



9. Shi ni Yashinai


10. Shakou


11. Glowing Up (feat. J $tash)


12. Kiraku ni Yaru


13. Orera no Seikatsu (feat. Dutch Montana, Mony Horse)