King & Prince Enjoy the Summer in “Bokura no Great Journey” MV

On July 21, King & Prince will release their third album, “Re:Sense.” This album comes almost a year after their previous one, last September’s “L&.”

“Re:Sense” will include the previously released singles “I promise”, “Magic Touch”, and “Beating Hearts.” It will also include the new English language song “Namae Oshiete”, which King & Prince recorded in Los Angeles in 2019 with 12-time Grammy winner Babyface. King & Prince recorded the song over the course of ten hours at Babyface’s private studio.

Another new song on “Re:Sense” is “Bokura no Great Journey.” This song was written by C&K and composed by them along with Carlos K. The music video for the song, which has been described as refreshing and youthful, was recently released. Check it out below, along with more information on the new album and the “Namae Oshiete” teaser!

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition


  1. 僕らのGreat Journey (Bokura no Great Journey)
  2. ユメラブ (You, Me, Love)
  4. Magic Touch
  5. Lost in Love / 永瀬廉、高橋海人、岸優太 (Lost in Love / Nagase Ren, Takahashi Kaito, Kishi Yuta)
  6. サマーデイズ (Summer Days)
  7. 幸せがよく似合うひと (Shiawase ga Yoku Niau Hito)
  8. Beating Hearts
  9. Koiは優しくない (Koi wa Yasashikunai)
  10. フィジャディバ グラビボ ブラジポテト! (Fija Diva Gravibo Brazi Potato!)
  11. ツッパリ魂 / 平野紫耀、神宮寺勇太 (Tsuppari Tamashii / Hirano Sho, Jinguji Yuta)
  12. Body Paint
  13. Dance to the music
  14. I promise
  15. 花束 (Hanataba)
  16. Namae Oshiete
  17. Dear My Tiara (Regular Edition only)

Limited Edition A DVD
・僕らのGreat Journey (Music Video) (Bokura no Great Journey (Music Video))
・僕らのGreat Journey (Music Video Making) (Bokura no Great Journey (Music Video Making))
・僕らのGreat Journey (Music Video 番外編~白熱! King & Prince ゴーカート対決!~) (Bokura no Great Journey (Music Video Bangai hen~Hakunetsu! King & Prince Go-kart taiketsu!~))
・Making of “Re:Sense”

Limited Edition B DVD
・Namae Oshiete (Music Video)
・Namae Oshiete (Music Video -Dance ver.-)
・Namae Oshiete (Music Video Making)
・Namae Oshiete レコーディングドキュメンタリー in LA (Namae Oshiete Recording Documentary in LA)

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