Kenshi Yonezu shows off his dance moves in Music Video for “LOSER”

Last month we reported that popular singer/songwriter Kenshi Yonezu would be releasing a new Double A-side single titled “LOSER / Number Nine” on September 28th.  Ahead of this date, the music video for “LOSER” has now been posted to his official Youtube channel.

The PV for this rocking dance track centers on Kenshi showing that he can dance pretty well himself, demonstrating his moves inside a classroom, in a tunnel, and atop a building.  The dance routine he performs in the video was choreographed by Tomohiko Tsujimoto, who is famous for his work with Cirque du Soleil.

You’ll find the full music video for “LOSER” (complete with English subtitles), as well as the single’s cover just beneath the cut.


(via natalie & natalie)