Kenji Ozawa finally unveils the full MV for his new song “Ryuudoutai ni Tsuite”

Back in February singer/songwriter Kenji Ozawa released “Ryuudoutai ni Tsuite”, his first proper single in over 19 years.  Now, after over three months have passed, he has finally published the full version of the lead track’s music video to Universal Music Japan’s official Youtube channel.

The PV features a number of special guests, such as Shinya Arino (of comedy duo Yoiko), Nemu Yumemi (, HALCA (HALCALI), and of course Kenji Ozawa himself.  Scenes of these various personalities are cut together to ensure that the kind of ‘parallel world’ described in the song’s lyrics can be properly expressed.

Read on below to find the newly uploaded music video for “Ryuudoutai ni Tsuite”.

(via natalie)