JAY’ED drops PV for “The Paradise”! New album features DOBERMAN INFINITY, Crystal Kay, AKLO and more

Ahead of his new album “Here I Stand” slated for release on June 21, R&B singer-songwriter JAY’ED has uploaded a music video for new song “The Paradise“!

The Paradise” is a slick performance-focused video featuring a suited-up JAY’ED. The song, which will act as the first track of the album, has also been chosen as the ending song for Fuji TV’s “Sakigake! MUSIC” for the month of June 2017.

The new album includes songs featuring PKCZ®, Ryuji Imaichi (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE), DOBERMAN INFINITY, Crystal Kay and AKLO. Additionally, a newly arranged version of “Zutto Issho” and a solo self-cover of “Ashita ga Kuru nara“, released in 2009 with JUJU, will also be included.

“Here I Stand” Tracklist

JAYED Here I Stand album 2017

1. The Paradise
(Ending song of Fuji TV’s “Sakigake! MUSIC” in June)
Lyricist: Lugz&Jera / Composer: T-SK, MoonChild, SIRIUS / Arranger: T-SK

2. Must Be MAGIC
Lyricist: JAY’ED / Composer: JAY’ED, Hisashi Nawata, EIGO / Arranger: Hisashi Nawata, EIGO

3. Without You feat. Crystal Kay
Lyricist: HIROMI, JAY’ED, Crystal Kay / Composer: T.Kura, JAY’ED / Arranger: T.Kura

4. Zutto Issho feat. Duran (RED DIAMOND DOGS / Made in Asia)
Lyricist: JAY’ED / Composer: JAY’ED, Jeff Miyahara / Arranger: Duran (RED DIAMOND DOGS, Made in Asia)

5. Beautiful Days
(Commercial song of Sincere L-CON Series MOISTURE in 2016)
Lyricist: JAY’ED / Composer: JAY’ED, UTA / Arranger: UTA

6. blind
Lyricist: P-CHO / Composer: RYUJA, JAY’ED / Arranger: RYUJA

7. All I Did Is Grind feat. AKLO
Lyricist: AKLO / Composer: BACHLOGIC, JAY’ED / Arranger: BACHLOGIC

8. P.B.E feat. Ryuji Imaichi (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE)
Lyricist: JAY’ED / Composer: POCHI, JAY’ED / Arranger: POCHI

9. Ashita ga Kuru nara ~ JAY’ED Solo version ~
Lyricist: JUJU, JAY’ED, Jeff Miyahara / Composer: JUJU, JAY’ED, Jeff Miyahara・RYLL & couco / Arranger: Yuta Nakano

10. MY WAY
(Theme song of the movie “Te wo Tsunaide Kaerou yo ~SHANGRI-LA no Mukou de~”)
Lyricist: Paul Anka & Lucien Marie Antoine Thibaut / Composer: Claude Francois & Jacques Revaux / Arranger: Yasuaki Maejima

11. Takers feat. DOBERMAN INFINITY
Arranger: NAOtheLAIZA

12. Everybody -PKCZ® Remix-
Lyricist: JAY’ED / Composer: BACHLOGIC, JAY’ED

13. Here I Stand
(Ending song of TBS’s “HIRUOBI!” in May)
Lyricist: EXILE ATSUSHI / Composer: Yu Sakai / Arranger: POCHI

The Paradise” is now available on most major streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, AWA, LINE MUSIC, RecoChoku Best and KKBOX, ahead of the release of the album.