Hoshino Gen to Release New Single “Fushigi / Souzou”

So far this year, Hoshino Gen has released two digital single, “Souzou” and “Fushigi.” The former serves as the 35th anniversary “Super Mario Bros.” CM song, while the latter serves as the theme song for the TBS drama “Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte.”

On June 23, Gen will release both songs on CD, as part of his new single “Fushigi / Souzou.” This is his first physical single since Febrary 2018’s “Doraemon.” In addition to the two A-sides, the single will contain the “Omisoka” version of “Uchi de Odorou”, which he performed on Kohaku Uta Gassen last year.

“Fushigi / Souzou” will also feature a new song, “Soshitara.” It is the full version of a song that Gen shared with Bananaman‘s Shitara Osamu on the May 14 episode of his TBS radio show “Bananaman no Banana Moon GOLD.” The song caused a stir on social media, with many requests for a full version of it to be released. Gen heard his fans and obliged.

“Fushigi / Souzou” will be released in five verions. The “kansha” limited edition will come in CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray formats. The video disc will feature footage from “Gen Hoshino’s 10th Anniversary Concert ‘Gratitude’.” The “enkai” limited edition will also come in CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray formats. The video disc will feature footage from “YELLOW PASS Live Streaming ‘Enkai’.” There will also be a CD only regular edition.

The music video for “Fushigi” has now been released. In the video, Gen wanders around a completely empty city. Check it out below!

Limited Edition

星野源「不思議 / 創造」初回限定盤ジャケット

Regular Edition

星野源「不思議 / 創造」通常盤ジャケット


  1. 不思議 (Fushigi)
  2. 創造 (Souzou)
  3. うちで踊ろう (大晦日) (Uchi de Odorou (Omisoka))
  4. そしたら (Soshitara)

Limited Edition “Kansha” Blu-ray / DVD
Gen Hoshino’s 10th Anniversary Concert “Gratitude”

  1. Pop Virus
  2. 地獄でなぜ悪い (Jigoku de Naze Warui)
  3. 湯気 (Yuge)
  4. ステップ (Step)
  5. 桜の森 (Sakura no Mori)
  6. 肌 (Hada)
  7. Ain’t Nobody Know
  8. 折り合い (Oriai)
  9. 老夫婦 (Rofufu)
  10. 未来 (Mirai)
  11. うちで踊ろう ((Uchi de Odorou)
  12. プリン (Purin) 
  13. Crazy Crazy
  14. SUN
  15. 恋 (Koi)
  16. Same Thing (feat. Superorganism)
  17. Hello Song
  18. 私 (Watashi)
    ・“Gratitude” Documentary

Limited Edition “Enkai” Blu-ray / DVD
YELLOW PASS Live Streaming “宴会” (YELLOW PASS Live Streaming “Enkai”)

  1. くだらないの中に (Kudaranai no Naka ni)
  2. Pop Virus
  3. 湯気 (Yuge)
  4. KIDS
  5. 肌 (Hada)
  6. Ain’t Nobody Know 
  7. Dead Leaf
  8. 乱視 (Ranshi)
  9. 創造 (Souzou)
  10. SUN
  11. ドラえもん (Doraemon)
  12. 桜の森 (Sakura no Mori)
    ・“宴会” -打ち上げ- (“Enkai” -Uchiage-)
    ・“宴会” Documentary (“Enkai” Documentary)

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