Go on a Virtual Date with King & Prince in “Lovin’ you” MV

As previously reported, King & Prince will release their new single, “Lovin’ you / Odoru You ni Jinsei wo.”, on April 13. “Lovin’ you” is the CM song for Kose’s “Je L’aime P” shampoo CM, which stars Sho Hirano. “Odoru You ni Jinsei wo.” is the theme song for Yuta Jinguji‘s new NTV drama “Uketsuke no Jo.”

The music video for “Lovin’ you” has now been released. This is the first King & Prince video in which the group doesn’t perform the song. Instead, each of the members takes a fan out on what he think of as the ideal date. The YouTube version of the video is a vertical video made with smartphones in mind. The version that comes on limited edition A’s DVD is horizontal. This DVD also includes solo versions of the dates.

Check out the video below, along with more information on the single, including a preview of “Odoru You ni Jinsei wo.”!

Limited Edition A


  1. Lovin’ you
  2. 踊るように人生を。 (Odoru You ni Jinsei wo.)
  3. My Sweeties


  1. Lovin’ you (Music Video)
  2. Lovin’ you (Music Video ソロアングル映像) (Lovin’ you (Music Video Solo Angle Film))
  3. Lovin’ you (Behind the scene)

Limited Edition B


  1. 踊るように人生を。(Odoru You ni Jinsei wo.)
  2. Lovin’ you
  3. Endroll


  1. 踊るように人生を。 (Music Video) (Odoru You ni Jinsei wo. (Music Video))
  2. 踊るように人生を。(Music Video -Dance ver.-) (Odoru You ni Jinsei wo. (Music Video -Dance ver.-))
  3. 踊るように人生を。 (Behind the scene) (Odoru You ni Jinsei wo. (Behind the scene))

Regular Edition

  1. Lovin’ you
  2. 踊るように人生を。 (Odoru You ni Jinsei wo.)
  3. BANGIN!!
  4. 54321