G.RINA to Release First New Album in Over 4 Years

On June 23, G.RINA will release her new album, “Tolerance.” This is her first album since Janaury 2017’s “LIVE & LEARN.” G.RINA’s new album deals with forgiving and accepting oneself and others.

“Tolerance” sees G.RINA collaborating with a number of guests, including her FNCY groupmates Chinza DOPENESS and ZEN-LA-ROCK, as well as BIM, starRo, and Yurufuwa Gang‘s NENE, among others.

Check out more information on G.RINA’s new album below!

  1. Body Temperature
  2. i wanna know feat. 鎮座DOPENESS (i wanna know feat. Chinza DOPENESS)
  3. 魅力 (Miryoku)
  4. PMS feat. NENE
  5. Tolerance feat. Xin Seha
  6. 夏の夕凪 feat. Kzyboost (Natsu no Yuunagi feat. Kzyboost)
  7. カーディガン (Cardigan)
  8. you make me feel all right ~ Magnetic, Galactic Reprise
  9. White Night (365 ver.) feat. BIM
  10. Simple Pleasure feat. ZEN-LA-ROCK
  11. 新陳代謝 (Shinchintaisha)