Full MV from Rika Mayama’s debut single for “Akame ga Kill” Opening unveiled

Liar Mask is the second opening song for anime Akame ga Kill and also solo debut from idol Rika Mayama, member of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku which also known as Ebichu.

17 years old Rika Mayama is the first Ebichu’s member to release solo single, in addition to sing the opening song, Rika also had the opportunity to become seiyu for one of the characters in the anime.

As an Otaku, being anisong singer is Rika’s dream, and it seems like this is a good start for her career in the future. Full mv and opening video of Akame ga Kill is available right after the jump.

Liar Mask Full MV

Akame ga Kill 2nd Opening

Limited Edition / Regular Edition
01. Liar Mask
02. Shinkirou
03. Liar Mask instrumental

DVD(Limited Edition)
・Making of Liar Mask
・2014.9.1 Mayama Rika Debut Documentary

Kikan Gentei Edition
01. Liar Mask
02. Shinkirou
03. Liar Mask anime size
04. Liar Mask instrumental

・TV Anime “Akame ga Kill” OP
・Interview by “Lisani!”