Frederic’s PV for new song ‘oddloop’ has been released

The PV for Frederic‘s new song ‘oddloop’ has been published to YouTube.

The song is the title track to Frederic’s new mini album set for release on September 24th. Centered around a dance theme, the songs feature strange lyrics set to a highly addiction sound.

The video features footage of two poker-faced women (Yuho Uchida & Aris Mukaide) interwoven with shots of the band performing. The director of the PV, Smith, has previously worked with NICO Touches the Walls and Fuji Fabric.

‘oddloop’ Tracklist

  1. oddloop
  2. discopool
  3. Shiwase-tte iu Kaibutsu
  4. Zarimichi
  5. Moukareu Kisen
  6. Uwasa no kemuri no onnanoko
  7. Ningyo no Hanashi

(via Natalie)