FEMM gets digitized in new provocative MV for “L.C.S.”

The most famous pair of living mannequins, FEMM, is back with the music video for “L.C.S.” to celebrate the physical release of their major EP, “PoW! / L.C.S.”.  While the digital edition has been available since the official release date for the EP, February 3rd, the physical edition had to be delayed due to “unforeseen circumstances” until today. The clip, more provocative and suggestive than usual, features both RiRi and LuLa in what appears to be a motion capture studio where the duo get glitched, perform their signature back-to-back step,  and even obtain superpowers! Check out the full MV just after the jump, but watch it at your own discretion as some parts may be interpreted as NSFW!