FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE release MV for 2nd single “Flying Fish”

LDH’s latest group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE have dropped the MV for their upcoming single “Flying Fish“.

This will be their second single overall, the group made their official debut last year in December with “OVER DRIVE“. “Flying Fish” has been described as “breath of fresh air” that blows away your troubles and conflicts within the heart.

Perfect for the arrival of the spring season, the song is an uplifting tune that will surly fill their fans with courage and to “move forward” with ones self!

The MV for “Flying Fish” takes place on a beach, the members are all wearing sleek white outfits while performing on a giant white panel. Throughout the MV there’s solo shots of the vocalists performing in a forest, and the dancers showing off their moves. Check out the full MV below

“Flying Fish” will be released on April 3rd, 2019.