Released just minutes ago, EXILE is back with a new PV and single. However, between the time of leader HIRO’s retirement and this new release, the group has been busy. With the three vocalists, TAKAHIRO, SHOKICHI and ATSUSHI focusing on solo work. Also the addition of five new performers from their EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION to take HIRO’s place. The group will now start the 4th chapter of their long career.

So it’s no surprise that EXILE would release the new PV for their single ‘NEW HORIZON’. The song will serve as the theme song for summer event, Odaiba Shin Dairiku 2014. The song’s lyrics was written by member ATSUSHI himself. Despite the gaudy appearance of the CD jacket, the PV carries the sleek and cool image of EXILE that we know. The PV features the members in black and silver dancing to the song in sync. As well as them in a new age world, thanks to the use of CG. HIRO also makes a cameo in the video.

This is a PV that surely will not leave you disappointed. Check out the PV below!

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