Check out GACKT’s new PV “Akatsukizukuyo -Day Breakers-“

With the release of his new single October 1st, the PV for GACKT’s new song “Akatsukizukuyo -Day Breakers-” is now available for viewing!

GACKT has collaborated with Square Enix for the release of the new iOS game 3594e based on the story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a Chinese historical novel, in which he voices in-game playable character military general Lü Bu. This song serves as its theme song.

It is the final installment of four songs that explored the four seasons,  starting with “Setsugekka (The End of Silence)” from 2009, “Hakuro” from 2012 and “Sakura Chiru…” from 2013.

Check it out below!

Track listings and formats

All songs written and composed by Gackt C.

CD single

  1. “Akatsukizukuyo (Day Breakers)”
  2. “Akatsukizukuyo (Day Breakers)” (Orchestra Ver.)
  3. “Akatsukizukuyo (Day Breakers)” (Instrumental)
  4. “Akatsukizukuyo (Day Breakers)” (Orchestra Ver. Instrumental)


  1. “Akatsukizukuyo (Day Breakers)” (Music Film)


Thanks Amelia for the tip!