BUMP OF CHICKEN take us on tour in Music Video for “Houseki ni Natta Hi”

Today popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN chose to publish the music video for their song “Houseki ni Natta Hi” to their official Youtube channel.  The track was previously included on their album “Butterflies”, which was released earlier this year, and has also been used as a CM song for both Google Play Music and Calpis Water.

The PV features footage from the band’s currently ongoing “STADIUM TOUR 2016 ‘BFLY'” and follows a group of three fans as they travel to and enjoy the show.  These live shots are then intercut with brief snippets of the band’s members roaming through Shibuya, the lights and excitement from the concert bleeding into the normal world.

You’ll find the full music video for “Houseki ni Natta Hi” just below the cut.

(via natalie)