BUMP OF CHICKEN publish two full PVs for “Fighter”

As we reported previously, popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN had released the full music video for their new song “Parade”, as well as the short version of the MV for their other new song “Fighter”.  Now, the band have revealed not only the full version of the latter PV, but also a second video for the song, publishing both to their official Youtube channel.

The first of the two, which we saw the preview for, is an animated PV set in the world of Umino Chika’s “Sangatsu no Lion” and based on Miyazawa Kenji’s classic story “Night on the Galactic Railroad”, even featuring an appearance by an animated version of the band themselves.  The second PV is a more classic Bump production, which finds the band walking and playing atop some picturesque hills as a very unique portrait of a woman’s face is constructed below.

Check out both of the music videos below the cut and be sure to look forward to whatever Bump does next, since I know that I will be.

(via natalie)