BUMP OF CHICKEN celebrate life in Music Video for “GO”

As a final addition to a very busy year, pop rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN have just published the PV for their song “GO” to their Youtube channel.  “GO” was included on their album “Butterflies”, which hit store shelves back in February, and is now set to be used as the opening theme song (and CM track) for anime and smartphone game series “Granblue Fantasy” during the Winter season.

The video itself intermixes performance clips with images of the various kinds of living creatures which can be found all over the world.  This PV was meant to serve as a contrast to the live music video for the track, which they revealed several weeks ago, so that they could explore different facets of the song’s identity.

You can get a look at uplifting music video for “GO” if you read on below.

(via natalie)