Avex Supergroup REVIVE ‘EM ALL 2020 Releases “CAN’T STOP THIS!!” Music Video

It was recently revealed that Avex has taken several of its newer acts and created a supergroup, REVIVE ‘EM ALL 2020. Consisting of Beverly, FAKY, FEMM, lol, Yup’in, and Kalen Anzai, REVIVE ‘EM ALL 2020 is set to release their compilation album “avex revival trax” digitally on April 25. A physical release will follow on May 13.

REVIVE ‘EM ALL 2020 has now released the music video for their collaborative song, “CAN’T STOP THIS!!” To continue the play on the 90s concept, the video was shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which was standard at the time. The video also features the Avex logo of that era.

Several of the artists involved tied this release to the current COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the sense of revival that this project has can help people look forward to the future that comes after this crisis. They also hope to lift people’s spirits with the music on this release.

Check out the video for “CAN’T STOP THIS!!” below, along with the digital and physical covers for the album!


「avex revival trax」配信ジャケット


「avex revival trax」ジャケット