Arashi collaborates with Hotei Tomoyasu for “Kokoro no Sora” Music Video

Check out the full PV for Arashi’s “Kokoro no Sora”, lead track off their newest album Japonism to be released on October 21. Hotei Tomoyasu, who wrote the lyrics and music for the song, also appears in the video with the group. Ohno Satoshi choreographed for the interlude part of the song. Sakurai Sho wrote the rap segment.

Hotei Tomoyasu wrote about the collaboration on his blog, mentioning how the meetings were held between him and the members via Skype while he was in London, which felt surreal. He was given the concept of “Japan as seen from the outside”, “Japanese instrumental dance number”, and “back to basics”, giving him a lot to think of. He returned home last summer and gave the demo, with Ohno commenting he wants to hear more of Hotei’s guitar.

Check out the group’s latest music video as well as previews off the album, with a snippet of new songs “Masquerade” and “Japonesque” below.


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1. Sakura
2. Kokoro no sora
3. Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari
4. Masquerade
5. Japonesque