Arama Exclusive: We Have Located Shiina Ringo’s Spirit, Trapped Inside New Artist, Kagura Saty!

When Shiina Ringo died in 2013, Japanese scientists along with the funding from Gucci tried their best to create a cyborg to replace such a huge loss to the Japanese music industry. Unfortunately, Gucci used this amazing technology for evil and sold the cyborg Shiina Ringo out to every company that wanted to use it to sell a new product, ending up with an annual jingle or two for starving and mourning fans.

It was then that ghost hunters contacted Arama and told us of a new artist named Kagura Saty, making waves for having a very familiar sound to that of the old, alive Shiina Ringo. We almost passed it off as a hoax, but upon hearing the single ‘Yoake no Pierrot‘ from her latest EP ‘Pierrot’ that a chill went down our spines. This, without a doubt, was the spirit of the deceased Ringo calling out to us, telling us to stop supporting the evil Gucci and their horrid cyborg creation!

Furthermore, one reader sent in a picture of what they believe might be a legitimate ghost sighting of Ringo’s spirit before it got trapped in Kagura’s body. Another popular theory is that it floats around in limbo, until it is expelled and goes into another upcoming artist. Others just think it’s a pic of the Gucci cyborg malfunctioning. Let us know what you think!

Listen to the single below and check out Kagura Saty’s new mini album ‘Pierrot’ out now, and tell us you can’t hear the ghost of Shiina Ringo trying to spread her message! Most of all, Happy Halloween Arama readers!