Watch MONDO GROSSO’s stylish new MV for “KEMURI (Retune)”

MONDO GROSSO has released his latest MV for KEMURI (Retune)

The track was featured on his latest album Attune/Detune, which dropped in March. Two versions of KEMURI were included on the album, the first featured vocals from singer song-writer ACO while in the second “retuned” version RHYME provided vocals.

KEMURI’s MV features RHYME wearing a sleek black outfit. She’s sitting in a chair surrounded by smoke and is slowly approached by different versions of herself wearing various outfits. The other RHYME’s are dressed as a “chav”, geisha, ballet dancer, and “Kitsune”.

The song has been officially described as follows:

Kemuri (smoke) provides us with illusion, temporarily, we can create our own reality/ or loose it. Paint yourself to hide, the rest is secret. Paint your world to fly, the rest is up to you. #yoursplitpersonalityismytrend

Check out the full MV below!