Watch Miliyah Kato’s 80s inspired MV for “I HATE YOU”

Singer Miliyah Kato has released the lead promotional song from her upcoming mini-album titled I HATE YOU E.P. 

This is her second mini-album overall, and the very first to have it’s own physical release. Back in December 2014 she released a four track Christmas E.P that was only available digitally. For this album Kato collaborated with a different producer for each track, she provided the lyrics as usual.

The lead song I HATE YOU was produced by the Sknow, other collaborators include RIKI, Seiho, and Chaki Zulu. 5 songs and 1 interlude make up the tracklist.

I HATE YOU‘s MV begins with Kato laying in a bed, promoting her own telephone hotline and home shopping network which serves as the main premise for the video. Periodically the scene changes to Kato performing on a music show with her wearing a sleek vintage Shizuka Kudo-esq outfit.

I HATE YOU E.P will hit store shelves on March 21st, 2018, it’ll be released in a standard CD only and limited edition CD+DVD. The tracklist for the album and full MV for I HATE YOU can be seen below!

If you live outside of Japan click here to watch the MV

CD tracklist

  2. Kao mo Mitakunai feat. JP THE WAVY (I Don’t Want to See Your Face Either)
  3. Futari no Kankei (The Relationship Between Two)
  4. Interlude -the world-
  5. Sekai (世界; World) (track producer: RIKI)
  6. Don’t Let Me Down

DVD tracklist

  1. I HATE YOU (MV)