Watch Dream Ami’s flowery MV for Amaharu

Dream Ami has released the full MV for her 6th single Amaharu

It will be released in three versions. A CD only, CD+DVD, and premium CD+2DVD edition. The latter will only be available for purchase  via E-girls’ fanclub FAMILY OFFICIAL SHOP, LDH official mobile shop, and avex’s online store mu-mo.

All versions of the single will come with a b-side titled No Idea,  while the DVD comes with the full Amaharu MV. Priced at 4,850 the DVD edition might seem a little steep, but that’s because it also comes with a full concert. The entirety of Dream Ami 1st Live Tour 2017 ▽ Re: Dream will be on the disc also.

In the MV Ami is dressed as a vintage post delivery boy, where she’s seen packing flowers in envelopes and sending them out to the world attached to balloons. She later finds a giant mysterious egg/crystal that causes her to be “reborn” in a floral print dress. Wow!

The single covers for Amaharu can be seen below, along with the MV.

CD only


Premium edition