unBORDE to release best hits album featuring Gesu, Kyary, tofubeats & more

Warner Music Japan sub-label unBORDE is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year in a big way. The label is releasing a best hits collection, Feel + unBORDE GREATEST HITS, which contains recent and hit tracks from artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, tofubeats, Gesu no Kiwami Otome., CAPSULE and more.

The whopping 13 artists involved on this release have all participated in singing on a new song entitled “Feel” as unBORDE all stars. Composed and arranged by Yasutaka Nakata, with lyrics by RIP SLYME’s PES, “Feel” is a collaboration with Coca-Cola, who is sponsoring unBORDE’s anniversary events. Check out the full artist roster, tracklist, and more info after the jump!


Artist promo


  1. “Feel” – unBORDE all stars (Coca Cola × unBORDE collab song)
  2. “8mm Film” – Akasick
  3. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” – androp
  4. “Hitomi ni Utsuranai” – indigo la End
  5. “Another World” – CAPSULE
  6. “Ninjari Bang Bang” – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  7. “Otonatic” – Gesu no Kiwami Otome.
  8. “Jibun Rashiku” – Shinsei Kamattechan
  9. “Ashita wa Kitto ii Hi ni naru” – Takahashi Yu
  10. “J.A.N.A.I.C.A.” – Team Syachihoko
  11. “Disco no Kamisama feat.Fujii Takashi” – tofubeats
  12. “Tokinowa” – Passepied
  13. “Milky Rally” – livetune+
  14. “Kono Michi wo Yukou” – RIP SLYME

“Feel” is inspired by Coca-Cola’s global campaign Taste the Feeling and the unBORDE label’s motto “ONE & ONLY.” Recording took three days to complete due to the amount of people involved.

Feel + unBORDE GREATEST HITS releases on March 9th, and later on April 10th unBORDE will have its big “Coca-Cola presents unBORDE 5th Anniversary Fes 2016” at Makuhari Messe, with Kyary confirmed to appear.