Tokyo Girls’ Style and Dorothy Little Happy start up Female Pop Alliance

A new project J-GIRL POP WAVE has been established to liven up the Japanese music scene.

The Japanese music market boasts world-class music production and quality, and with the idol boom in recent years, the growing interest for female pop groups has allowed many groups to be pushed to the forefront with nationwide success. This new union of pop girls will help drive economic growth by creating a new platform and opportunities for different groups to become more known to the public.

The first two groups to join are Avex Trax’s Tokyo Girls’ Style and Dorothy Little Happy, but participation in J-GIRL POP WAVE is open to all groups regardless of label or office.

J-GIRL POP WAVE will start as a portal to transmit news about the participating groups, but as time progresses, they will organize joint live events and create camaraderie amongst groups in the idol world rather than pitting them against each other on the charts.

J-GIRL POP WAVE Social media


(via Yukan News)