The first ever “Akita” doggy idol group makes their official debut

The first ever Japanese Akita dogs idol group “MOFU MOFU☆DOGS” has officially made their mark on the idol world, with their debut single “Waiting4U – We’ll let you MOFU MOFU Us”

The group was created with the help of Akita Inu Tourism, northern Akita is renowned worldwide as the birth place for the very loyal and beautiful breed of Akita dogs. The music video showcases food, beautiful scenery, and the unique cultural aspects that can only be found in the northern Akita Prefecture. The song title “Waiting4U…” represents the loyalty of the Japanese Akita, as well as the local people patiently awaiting visitors from all over the world just as the famous Hachiko waited for its owner.

The groups official website also has an interactive game where you can play with a virutal Akita. Check out the full music video for “Waiting4U – We’ll let you MOFU MOFU Us” along with behind the scenes footage below!