The Brilliant Green to hold niconico live to promote new self-cover album

The Brilliant Green will hold a niconico live on July 23rd to promote upcoming self-cover best album “THE SWINGIN ‘SIXTIES“. This special event will feature the raw vocal stylings of Tomoko Kawase for the group’s first album in nearly four years.

Described as “love songs and hits” inspired by British rock from the 60s, the album contains re-recorded versions of the band’s songs. It will also have one new track “A Little World“.


  1. There will be love there~愛のある場所~
  2. 冷たい花
  3. You & I
  4. Rock’n Roll
  5. Hello Another Way-それぞれの場所-
  6. Stand by me
  7. Bye Bye Mr.Mug
  8. そのスピードで
  9. Blue Daisy
  10. 長いため息のように
  11. A Little World

Time: 20:00~21:30 JST

THE SWINGIN ‘SIXTIES” is set for release on July 23rd.