The Big Bang : The Dawn of Life : LOVERIN TAMBURIN. A new era for the universe has begun

Enon Kawatani is defeated, dragging Becky with him. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s position on the throne is becoming meaningless. Trump is in. Hikki came out (on Twitter). Shiina Ringo needs a new product endorsement. Bowie, Prince, Lemmy and Cohen have left us. Dark times have spread across the land. Even some of the more fearsome, cult-like Seiko Oomori fans are starting to question her actions. There’s nowhere to turn for your inspirational leather care tips, now that SMAP are no more.

But what’s this??? A shimmer of light appearing in the gloom…

Our savior comes in the form of a woman with a nice, petite rack and soothingly squeaky voice. As if the heavens parted, we can hear her siren call getting louder now. She brings with her a team of fearless warriors in the form of her band. Their mighty power ballads set to strike inspiration to all of those feeling misplaced and alone from the events of 2016. Bask in her beauty and shimmering light.

That band, LOVERIN TAMBURIN are the band you didn’t know you wanted. No, scrap that, NEEDED. Sweeping soundscapes, powerful percussion, amazing guitar solos and an image that is timeless, it is bound to enchant all that seek its light. With balladry so pure, conceiving to it is doing the world a favor, subliminally channeling a message of peace to your unborn child. Delivering music so awesome that games and anime alike cannot resist it’s charm and BEG to use it. With this, they have traversed the world, gaining inspiration for their first full album, which was finally unleashed upon the world in October, 2016 and digitally released this week.

So Mr. Salaryman, step off your hitomi, Ami Suzuki and Koda Kumi endorsed pachinko machine, avert your perverted eyes from your sea of under aged gravure idols. No longer with your greasy fingers scrambling through that briefcase searching for those illusive handshake cheki! Stop your online quibbling over who outshone who on Fantôme and head down to your local Tower Records to pick up the gospel that is “DA-SHI-TE“. For truly, you will experience true enlightenment and bear witness the second coming when you focus on her fair navel and take in her siren’s song.

LOVERIN TAMBURIN‘s DA-SHI-TE is a release for the ages. And it’s available now from all leading retailers, both physically and digitally.