Stereo Tokyo welcomes Christmas by transforming into Sexy Tokyo

Stereo Tokyo, one of the two groups that make up Japan’s “best EDM” idol group STEREO JAPAN (the other being Stereo Fukuoka), has recently announced its temporary rebranding asĀ Sexy Tokyo. The group members, whose age ranges from 14 years old to 18 years old, adorned themselves with festive Christmas garments and on their official website the male fans can now see each girl’s favorite type of men and what turns them on about men the most.

The group is planning to host the “Sexy Tokyo Presents Xmas Party” on December 24 which will simultaneously mark the group’s “disbandment”. There is no information regarding upcoming music releases under the new alias available. Check out the “sexy” members and one of their previous releases below.

STEREO JAPAN and its daughter groups were formed in 2015. Stereo Tokyo released its first mini-album “SUMMER” through in August 2016. As a part of STEREO JAPAN, the group participated in two digital singles, “Dancing Again” and “RUN”, that were released in April 2016.