Shiina Ringo Wants To Sell You Some Chocolate Bars

Everyone’s favourite jingle writer Shiina Ringo has provided a sweet little ditty for meiji’s latest chocolate line “THE chocolate” commercial. The brand new CM features a not-so-new track- “Oishii Kitesu”, which Ringo famously provided to Kill Bill actress Chiaki Kuriyama way back in 2011. This “new” version of the song features a more laid back arrangement with Shiina Ringo on vocals. The CM is set to air nationally on the 3rd of October. Looks like Ringo will have enough to line her pockets for the harsh Japanese winter. Everyone else, well, go buy a chocolate bar. Watch it below, or don’t. They deleted it anyway. (Arama will upload when it resurfaces. Maybe)

UPDATE: Now that the CM has had it’s official release date, you can now watch below: