Saoriiiii to release retro themed electro-pop EP “NOSTALGY”

Underground electro-pop soloist Saoriiiii (formerly known as Saori@destiny) will be releasing an EP entitled NOSTALGY on March 23rd. This is Saori’s second EP released under her new stage name following last month’s live venue limited EP Thanks. Unlike Thanks, NOSTALGY will be a nationwide release and features a seven song assortment of all-new music with styles ranging from electro-swing to contemporary dance music. Check out the previews below!


  1. Retro Train
  2. Chaplin Orchestra
  3. Ballantine tonight
  4. O・M・A・J・I・N・A・I
  5. Dancing Through the Night
  6. Minatomachi Love Story
  7. Chaplin Orchestra (Cube Juice remix)

The EP features production from musicians KANICRAFT, Inimma (known for producing idol unit Citron*), and a remix by Cube Juice who is best known for working with AAA.

Saori re-debuted in the music world two years ago after leaving behind a five-year-long career with D-topia Entertainment. You can read more about her here!