Perfume’s performances from Amuse Fes 2014 BBQ in Tsumagoi

Artist management company Amuse recently held their second annual outdoor festival BBQ in Tsumagoi, which took place in Shizuoka Prefecture, on July 19th. The event sported a variety of music groups managed by Amuse, among them being Porno Graffiti, flumpool, WEAVER, Yu Takahashi, and Perfume. It additionally marked the debut of a special song collaboration between Perfume’s A~chan and Porno Graffiti. According to a Natalie article, the trio’s set consisted of the following:

1. Polyrhythm
2. Spending all my time
3. Cling Cling
4. Macaroni
– P.T.A. Corner –
5. Chocolate Disco

Watch their setlist, as well as a special collaboration performance of TRF’s survivAl dance ~no no cry more~ and the performance of the A~chan + Porno Graffiti collab, below!

Polyrhythm & Spending all my time

Cling Cling

Macaroni & Chocolate Disco

Special collaboration “THANKS” covering TRF’s survivAl dance ~no no cry more~

“Sore wo Tsuyosa to Yobitai”, co-written by A~chan (Perfume) and Haruichi Shindo (Porno Graffiti)

The full live is expected to re-broadcast on WOWOW on September 28th. Perfume recently released their 20th major single “Cling Cling” and are set to embark on a nationwide tour called Gurun Gurun starting August 1st.