Nara Arts Festival 2-Night Opening Event to be Sponsored by Tokyo Girls Collection Night

The time for Nara prefecture’s arts festival is coming and the Tokyo Girls Collection Committee has the honor of kicking off the event. For two nights the Nara Shrine Agency in Kashihara will be the venue where TGC Night will produce a special fashion show and artist live, under the themes of tradition, culture, and art in Nara prefecture. Check out the details and who the special guests for both nights are.


September 2nd – Special Fashion Show

Exploring fashion in Japanese culture, models from TGC walk the runway in this very special fashion show that fuses together modern and ancient.

Special Guests:


Loveli (L) & Sumire (R)


September 3rd – Special Artist Live

Special collaborative stages with DJs and traditional artists that showcases the fusion between the latest and traditional music.

Main artist:




  • Naomi Utamakura
  • Yosuke Yabuuchi
  • Tadashige Zenchiku


The three month festival will be held from September 1st to November 30th.


Via Nara Arts Festival Official Site