Naotaro Moriyama to release New Album “822”

Fully two years after the release of his previous album “Aa”, singer/songwriter Naotaro Moriyama has announced that he will be releasing a brand new record titled “822” on August 22nd.  “822” will include Moriyama’s previously released tracks “Zettai, Daijoubu”, “Tsumi no Aji”, “Kate”, “Ningen no Mori”, and “Minna Onnaji”, as well as six new songs for a total of 11.

The album will be issued in two versions, with the Limited Edition to include a DVD which contains the music video for “Ningen no Mori”, a live performance of album track “Gunjou”, and footage from his recent Youtube Music Night live set.  Additionally, it will will also come with a special 822 second documentary chronicling the album’s recording process.

You’ll find the cover and complete track list for “822” right after the jump.

-’822’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Gunjou
  2. Shusse Shichatta Mitai Dane
  3. Ningen no Mori
  4. Kate
  5. Jibun ga Jibun de Nai Mitai
  6. Tsumi no Aji
  7. Zettai, Daijoubu
  8. Minna Onnaji
  9. Yagate
  10. Hana no Namae
  11. Jidai wo Kawaru
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. “Ningen no Mori” Music Video
  2. Gunjou at VACANT (Live from SETSUNA Project #1 “Nanka Yaritai”)
  3. Kate (Live from Youtube Music Night with J-WAVE BAR)
  4. To wa (Live from Youtube Music Night with J-WAVE BAR)
  5. Ningen no Mori (Live from Youtube Music Night with J-WAVE BAR)
  6. Gunjou (Live from Youtube Music Night with J-WAVE BAR)
  7. “822” Recording Retrospective in 822 Seconds

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