Music Industry Officials Look Back on 2018 (Part 2)

FLJ editor-in-chief Ohno Toshiya

1. BAD HOP – Kawasaki Drift


2. Awich – Love Me Up


3. JP THE WAVY – Neo Gal Wop


4. TENG GANG STARR – Dodemoii feat. Masayoshi Iimori


5. kZm – Dream Chaser feat. BIM


6. WILYWNKA –  Rapper’s Flow

7. Normcore Boyz – Black Parker feat. Spada, Young Dalu & OSAMI



10. NUMB – N.W.A. ~Ninjas With Attitude~


The Japanese music I heard the most in 2018 was hip hop. The Japanese hip hip scene has become very interesting in the past two years. A new artist with good lyrics and songs appears on after the other, so it’s time that the genre get its time in the spotlight. As BAD HOP said at their Budokan debut in 2018, I hope that the Japanese music scene will change. Music that young people listen to is important as well, such as the 19 year old R&B singer RIRI. On the other hand, rock wasn’t as strong, leading me to not listen to much of it except the hardcore side. The only reason I included NAMBA69 and NUMB was because I was involved in the songs’ production.

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