Music Industry Officials Look Back on 2018 (Part 2)

SPICE Ongaku Journal editor Kazama Taiyou

1. Aimyon – Marigold


2. ONE OK ROCK – Change


3. Vickeblanka – Masshiro


4. PELICAN FANCLUB – Hacking Hacqueen


5. odol – four eyes


6. Sato Chiaki -Signal


7. Elephant Kashimashi – Easy Go


8. Straightener – Last Stargazer


9. GLIM SPANKY – All Of Us


10. Kinoko Teikoku – Yumemiru Koro wo Sugite mo


This playlist is one composed of recent songs for people who are not following today’s music. It’s a mixed bag, like the mixtapes a cousin would give to their younger cousin when they saw them twice a year as kids. This playlist is heavy on rock, because that was the only genre I listened to this year. There is a large 90s nostalgia in these songs though.

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