Music Industry Officials Look Back on 2018 (Part 2)

Real Sound editor Izumi Natsuoto

1. Utada Hikaru – Too Proud featuring XZT, Suboi, EK (L1 Remix)


2. Aimyon – Konya Kono Mama


3. Koresawa – Kareshi wa Imasen Konya Dake


4. NakamuraEmi – Shinbun


5. Lozareena – Marionette


6. Aimer – Tiny Dancers


7. Uchida Maaya – aventure bleu


8. DAOKO × Yasutaka Nakata – Bokura no Network


9. Sato Chiaki – Summer gate

Watch here


10. MONDO GROSSO – Itsuwari no Sympathy ft. AiNA THE END (BiSH)


11. iri – Only One


This was a year when many wonderful songs by female soloists were released. It was Utada Hikaru’s 20th anniversary, but it also saw a new wave of female soloists, like Aimyon, DAOKO, and Koresawa. In the solo songs by AiNA THE END of BiSH and Sato Chiaki of Kinoko Teikoku, you could see a different character of their voices. There was also the influence of hip hop on new singer-songwriters like NakamuraEmi and iri. The voice actresses also can’t be missed. This playlist is not only about the voices and messages, but the sound of the music as well.

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