misono desperate for sales on CD cover, no more releases unless 10k sales

As reported earlier today, Koda Kumi’s little sister misono is making a return to the music scene with her brand new PV for ‘Uchi Uchi Rock – Toriatsukai Setsumeisho –‘.

The song will be featured on her upcoming album ‘UCHI‘, her first album release in over 4 years due out October 13th. The covers have been released, and as expected, there is a portrait of misono and her striking eyes. But what’s grabbing everyone’s attention is what’s written on it. Besides the title of the album, plastered over her face in large type is a message that has internet users and articles calling her out for her desperation.

If this album doesn’t sell 10,000 copies, misono can’t release any more CDs.

The album has been organized to celebrate the singer’s 30th birthday and will be released in two versions: a CD+DVD edition and a CD Only edition. The album will have a limited release of 10,000 copies, each album numbered by misono’s hand herself. If she does not successfully sell all 10,000 copies, she will not be able to have any future releases.

Futhermore, on the Oricon ranking for 9/22, there are singers that have less than 10,000 albums sold in the Top 10, so there is attention for how well her new album will sell in the future. With all the drama concerning her life and career this past year or two, do you think she’ll be able to manage to sell all 10,000 copies?

For context, her previous album ‘Me‘, released in 2010, sold a little under 7,000 copies on the Oricon charts.