Mirei Toyama to release new EP “Negai”

On July 26, j-rnb songstress Mirei Toyama will release her second mini-album titled “Negai”, a follow-up to her debut mini-album “Memories” and full-length “My Way”. The title song, “Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi ni~, is an answer song to Dohzi-T‘s 2008 hit “Negai” that featured YU-A, at that moment a member of Foxxi misQ. Toyama’s rearranged version will present a female point of view akin to Thelma Aoyama’s “Soba ni Iru ne” that was an answer song to SoulJa’s “Koko ni Iru yo”.

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According to Toyama’s official website, tracks “First Heart Break” and “Goodbye My Love” were made in collaboration with a Finnish producer while the final track “Missing You” was used in a short film “Ashita e no Yakusoku”.

Mirei Toyama – “Negai”

Regular Edition

Limited Edition


  1. Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi ni~
  2. Hikari
  3. First Heart Break
  4. Goodbye My Love
  5. Missing You

Limited Edition DVD

  1. Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi ni~ Music Video
  2. Missing You Music Video

(source: Mirei Toyama’s official website)