LOVE LOVE Aishiteru, Bokura no Yuuki SPs, and more to air for Kinki Kids 20th anniversary

Kinki Kids are gearing up for their 20th anniversary, a bunch of special projects have already been announced leaving fans in a frenzy.

A special SP of the popular drama Bokuara no Yuuki will air in the summer. Originally released in 1997, the SP will take place 20 years later in the present day. Both Kinki Kids members Tsuyoshi Domoto and Koichi Domoto will be reprising their roles in the drama. In the original drama after a devastating earthquake Tsuyoshi and Koichi’s characters go to the city of Makuhara for relief effort.

They are shocked to find that the city is under government lock-down, and all the day-day activities are currently solely managed by children and teenagers. All the adults were apparently killed off after a mysterious virus plagued the city. Forced to survive on their own, the young adults must try to save the city and combat the government who tries to hide the truth behind the entire situation.

On May 31st Kinki Kids will be getting their own episode of MTV Unplugged. Ever since it’s start on the original MTV in 1989, it has gained a huge following all around the world.  Since coming to Japan in 2001 many prominent Japanese artists such as Hikaru Utada, Ken Hirai, VAMPS, and Miliyah Kato have all had their own MTV Unplugged specials. The setlist is expected to showcase the groups entire 20 year history.

Lastly, on the 21st of July an SP of  LOVE LOVE Aishiteru will air.  LOVE LOVE Aishiteru was a musical variety show that originally aired from 1996-2001. Despite ending over 15 years ago LOVE LOVE Aishiteru continued to be a fan favorite.  The past regulars on the variety show are all expected to return for the SP.

Kinki Kids originally made their debut in July 1997 with the single “Glass no Shounen”, and quickly became one of the most successful Japanese duos of all time. The boys currently hold the Guinness World Record title for having the most consecutive singles debut at #1. All 37 of their singles have topped the Oricon chart.

(via KK-fans)