Live-Action “Sakamichi no Apollon” encounters filming accident

Seven people, including the main cast and two staff members for the live-action “Sakamichi no Apollon” (Kids on the Slope) film, were injured on the evening of May 14, when the water taxi they were riding collided with a breakwater.

The staff and cast were returning to the harbor at Sasebo, Nagasaki from the outlying island Kuroshima, where they were filming Kids on the slope. 11 people were aboard the boat, including the captain. The film’s three main cast members Hey! Say! JUMP!’s Chinen Yuri ,¬†Nakagawa Taishi and Komatsu Nana all sustained light injuries. Two female staff members, aged 33 and 42, reportedly broke ribs. Those who were injured were brought to a hospital in Sasebo. There were¬†thoroughly checked and results show no abnormalities. The filming will proceed as planned.

In its movie’s offical site, a message was posted “In some media, there are reports of bruises, but the three casts received a close examination at the hospital immediately after the accident and confirmed that there are no abnormalities. We apologize for causing worry to all fans.”

Miki Takahiro is directing film and Takahashi Izumi is writing the script. The film is slated to open in 2018.

(via ANN, Modelpress)