King & Prince delivers a dance number for “Naughty Girl” MV off their debut album

King & Prince released their highly anticipated self-titled debut album last June 19. Included in the album is their debut single “Cinderella Girl”, “Kimi ni Arigato”, theme song of the movie “Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto wa”  and unit songs.

11 songs from their Johnnys Jr era are also available in the Limited Edition B of the album. Iwahashi Genki, who is currently on hiatus for treatment of panic disorder is featured in these pre-debut tracks.

Their new album has so far exceeded 450K sales and the group is quickly establishing themselves as the ace of Johnny’s new generation. In their latest release, King & Prince sheds off their princely image for some hot number in their music video for “Naughty Girl”. The group challenges hip hop dance and a bit of rap for the album’s title track. A one shot of their performance is also recorded for the Dance ver video. Check them out below!

Naughty Girl MV

Naughty Girl Dance Ver

King & Prince Album Tracklist

01. Cinderella Girl
02. Sha-la-la Hajikeru Love
03. Kimi wo Matteru
04. Naughty Girl
05. Can’t Stop Now
06. Mahoroba
07. Betsu Bestu no Sora
08. Moon Lover
10. Big Bang(Hirano Sho, Takahashi Kaito)
11. Dance with me
12. Super Duper Crazy
13. Memorial
14. Letter((Kishi Yuta, Nagase Ren, Jinguji Yuta)
15. Song for you ~ Kimi wo Shinjite ~
16. Kimi ni Arigato
17. King & Prince, Queen & Princess (Regular Edition)

Limited A DVD / Blu-ray

・「Naughty Girl」Music Video
・「Naughty Girl」Music Video & Making
・「Naughty Girl」Music Video Solo ver.
・「Naughty Girl」Music Video Dance ver.
・「King & Prince Premium Talk」

Limited Edition B CD

01. Summer Station
02. Hello!!! Haruiro
03. Katsunda WIN!
05. Bounce To Night
06. OH! Summer KING
07. Alright
09. Prince Princess
10. You are my Princess
11. Egaita Mirai ~Tadoritsuku made~

Regular Edition

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