KANASTA to release 80’s-inspired electro debut album Anti Clock

On March 16th, KANASTA will release her debut album Anti Clock. The former guitarist and vocalist for Kansai-based electro band Persia, KANASTA started up her solo project in 2014 with the EP Monoceros, featuring production from Izemac (member of electro unit nuxx) and Yasaka Tomo Liu (one-half of dance duo Xianfu Schweitz). With a sound heavily reminiscent of the 2010 electro-pop boom, incorporating a strong 80’s disco vibe, check out the music video for “Anti Clock Disco” and more album details after the jump!


Anti Clock cover


  1. Intro -Time Reversed-
  2. カレイドスコープ (Kaleidoscope)
  3. アンチ・クロック・ディスコ (Anti Clock Disco)
  4. billion
  5. アフター7 (After 7)
  6. きまぐれロマンス (Kimagure Romance)
  7. ビューティフルヤング (Beautiful Young)
  8. Earth, Flower & Bird & Wind & Moon
  9. Monoceros
  10. スクエア (Square)

“Anti Clock Disco” PV:

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