Jin Akanishi releases teaser for Good Time + Single information

Jin Akanishi has officially released a 30 second teaser for his new song “Good Time“. The upbeat single releases on August 6th and its video features some familiar faces to fans of Akanishi. Ironically, Good Time ┬ásounds more like a Johnnys song than anything he put out under their management and label. Watch it below, and take a look at the Good Time single covers.


Regular edition

Features new single “Good Time” and B sides “Heartbeat” and “Slow


Limited edition/w DVD [Type A]

Features Good Time single and PV for “Good Time” and making of


Limited edition/ w Photobook

Features Good Time single and deluxe photobooket


Despite now being an underground independent man who don’t need no jimusho to make him happy artist, this sort of release seems like something typical of an idol. Either way, Jin is obviously ready to make his triumphant return to the music biz. Arama’s rooting for you, scandal king.