immi makes her long awaited comeback!

Back in 2008 immi made a huge splash in the j-electro scene with her album Switch , similar acclaim followed with her next studio album Spiral. After the release of her second remix album in 2011 immi seemed to disappear completely from the music scene. During that time she gave birth to a baby girl and kept a low profile by quietly working on music for commercials.

After four years immi is finally back with original material! “Two Faced” is a collaboration with house artist A-bee, despite being called an “EP” only two songs are included (the other two tracks are instrumentals). A-bee and immi’s distinct styles are both beautifully showcased in this release, making this a must for any fan interested in the j-electro scene.

Two faced can be purchased digitally via iTunes, check out long previews of both songs below!

1. Moon Lie
2. Too High
3. Moon Lie (Instrumental)
4. Too High (Instrumental)