Hey! Say! JUMP releases “BANGER NIGHT” preview and new album details

Hey! Say! JUMP is set to deliver new bops to fans with their latest album featuring “dance” as its theme. “SENSE or LOVE” album will be released on August 22. The album’s lead song “BANGER NIGHT” has been previewed on radio. The song is described as Hey! Say! JUMP’s most aggressive dance song yet so look forward to the music video! A dance lesson will also be included in the making-of footage.

The album will also include 8 member solo songs marking the first time member’s solo songs have been compiled in an album. Check out the covers, tracklist and radio preview for “BANGER NIGHT” below.

BANGER NIGHT Radio Preview

[First-run limited edition]

★ Lyrics photo booklet (60P)
★ Special package specification

1.White Love
3.Dance The Night Away
4.Joubachi (Queen Bee)
5.One & One Makes Two
6.Mae wo Muke
8.Jealous guy
9.Mata kono basho de
10.Saigo no Love Song
11.Precious Girl
13.Swinging days
14.City Wander
15.We Believe

1.Do it again / Yamada Ryosuke
2.159 / Chinen Yuri
3.Waiting for the rain / Nakajima Yuto
4.Joken hansha / Inoo Kei
5.Bubble Gum / Arioka Daiki
6.Daimei no nai monogatari/ Takaki Yuya
7.PINK / Yaotome Hikaru
8.Ryusei no uta / Yabu Kota

「BANGER NIGHT」 Video Clip & Making
※APPROX. 65min. 30sec.

[Regular edition/First press]

★ Lyrics photo booklet (36P)
★ Special package specification

<Tracks 1 – 17 same as Limited Edition>
18.Virtual Butterfly / Hey! Say! 7 (Bonus Track)
19.スンダDance / Hey! Say! BEST (Bonus Track)

[Regular edition]

★Poster-type foldable lyrics booklet enclosed

<Tracks 1 – 17 same as Limited Edition>
18.YOU & I (Bonus Track)

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