Hamada Shogo unveils information about his first studio album in almost 10 years

Seasoned singer/songwriter Hamada Shogo has announced that his first studio album in almost 10 years is set to hit store shelves on the 29th of this month.  “Journey of a Songwriter ~Tabisuru Songwriter” will be an absolutely massive release consisting of 17 tracks in total; the only song on the album that will have seen a prior release is “Yume no Tsuzuki”, which was the lead track off of Hamada’s “Dream Catcher” mini-album from earlier this year.

The album’s Limited Edition will also include a special remix CD which will contain alternate versions of 10 of the songs on the album, as well as a DVD or Blu-ray that will house several music videos and live performances related to the release.  Finally, Hamada Shogo will embark on a nationwide tour to support the release of “Journey of a Songwriter” this Autumn, with further details set to be announced at the end of April.

The full set of details about the album can be found right after the cut, so please don’t hesitate to read on if you’re curious.

-’Journey of a Songwriter ~Tabisuru Songwriter’ Track List-

  • Original Album
  1. Hikari no Ito
  2. Tabisuru Songwriter
  3. Kitto Ashita
  4. Magnolia no Shoukei
  5. Utsukushii Yoru
  6. Sunshine Christmas Song
  7. Gogatsu no Kaiga
  8. Bin ni Tsumeta Love Letter
  9. Happy Birthday Song
  10. Yume no Tsuzuki (Album Version)
  11. Yoru wa Korekara
  12. Koisuru Kibun
  13. Eien no Waltz
  14. Movement #1:  Asia no Kaze
  15. Movement #2:  Asia no Aozora
  16. Movement #3:  Asia no Inori
  17. Chikai
  • Limited Edition Remix CD
  1. Happy Birthday Song (Acoustic Version)
  2. Movement #3:  Asia no Inori (Instrumental Version)
  3. Hikari no Ito (Remix Version)
  4. Koisuru Songwriter (Remix Version)
  5. Magnolia no Shoukei (Remix Version)
  6. Bin ni Tsumeta Love Letter (Remix Version)
  7. Kitto Ashita (Remix Version)
  8. Koisuru Kibun (Remix Version)
  9. Yoru wa Korekara (Club Mix 2015 Version)
  10. Eien no Waltz (Instrumental Version)
  • Limited Edition DVD / Blu-ray
  1. Hikari no Ito (Music Video)
  2. Yume no Tsuzuki (Music Video / Album Version)
  3. Lonely -Ai to Iu Yakusokugoto (LIVE at JCB Hall / Fan Club Concert 2009)
  4. Koisuru Kibun (LIVE at JCB Hall / Fan Club Concert 2009)
  5. Konna Kimochi no Mama (Live at NHK Hall / Charity Concert in Fan Club Tour 2013)
  6. Tabisuru Songwriter (Music Video)

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