GReeeeN has picked their new album title!

A few weeks ago, GReeeeN asked their fans over LINE to send them title ideas for their new album. Fans sent in their suggestions and based their titles on the jacket photo, which is pictured above. They received a great number of 722 911 entries in total! After a selection process, the band members chose 20 of their favourite titles and asked fans to vote for which one they liked best.

The grand winner is… ‘Ima kara oyayubi ga kieru tejina shimaaasu(I’m going to do a hand trick where my thumb disappeaaars)!

Each GReeeeN member also chose a title to award individual prizes to:
HIDE Prize: ‘5nen mae yaritai koto ga aru to ii, ie wo tobidashita chichi’ (Dad, who left home 5 years ago and said he had something he wanted to do)
navi Prize: ‘Aratamete Iou… 「help me!」’ (I’ll say it again… “Help Me!”)
92 Prize: ‘HIDE~Basho Dana navi ga Nakya 92 ni Kaere SOH ni Nai’ (What an awful~ place, unless I have a navigator, then it doesn’t look like I can go back to 92)
SOH Prize: ‘Sekai ga Ore ni Kizuiteinai Dake’ (The world just doesn’t notice me)

The winners will have have their names written in the album’s booklet.

The album is set to release on August 6th. The track list and details on the 4 different versions can be found below.

Track list (for all versions)

  1. Ereguri Torikaru Parade
  2. Oto no Naru Hou he!!!! / Theme song for Yomiuri Land’s “YomiUReeeeN Land”
  3. Itoshi Kimi he (Watch PV) / Theme song for Fuji TV drama “Oh, My Dad!!”
  4. crew
  5. Kaze (Watch PV: Hawaii & Okinawa) / CM song for “JTB no Natsu Tabi, Hawaii Hen” & “JTB no Natsu Tabi, Okinawa Hen”
  6. Shinobi / Theme song for “Mutant Turtles” anime
  7. Niji
  8. Gum Kamu wonder come / Campaign song for Mondelez Japan’s “Gum nara hakadooru”
  9. Ai Subeki Asu, Isshun to Isshou wo (Watch PV) / TV CM song for Tokyo Kobetsushidou Gakuin
  10. Bokura no Monogatari (Watch PV) / Support song for the 92nd nation-wide high school soccer championship series
  11. Itsumo Itsudemo
  12. Sotsugyou no Uta ~Arigatou wa Nandomo Iwasete~ / TV CM song for AOKI
  13. Ano Hi no Orenji / Tie-up song for Elleair’s 35th anniversary
  14. our song ~Anata he~

Regular Press

CD Only / 2800 yen

First Press A

CD+ 14 types of poster cards + Special DVD / 4900 yen

First Press B (+ track list)

CD+ Best Hits CD + Limited Edition DVD / 4300 yen

  1. Aiueongaku♬ / Opening theme song for TV Tokyo “LINE OFFLINE Salaryman” & “LINE TOWN” anime
  2. BEST FRIEND / CM song for Tokyo Kobetsushidou Gakuin
  3. Haruka / Theme song for “ROOKIES -Sotsugyou-” movie & CM song for Itoen’s “W BLACK” Shimiru ne hen
  4. Mata ne. / CM song for Yamazaki Pan’s “Lunch Pack”
  5. every / CM song for Asahi Beer’s “Asahi Ichiban Mugi” and “Tomo ni, Asu he” & Theme song for NHKE TV’s “Tohokuhatsu☆Miraijuku”
  6. Yuki no Oto / CM song for JR East Japan’s “JR SKI SKI campaign”
  7. OH!!! MEIWAKU!!!!

First Press C

CD+ Limited Edition DVD / 3600 yen