Gender Bending Group THE HOOPERS To Cover UVERworld’s “SHAMROCK”

Girl group THE HOOPERS are currently preparing for the release of their 7th single “SHAMROCK”.

The song is a cover of UVERworld’s 5th single, released back in 2006. SHAMROCK served as the theme for the FUJI TV drama series Dance Drill, and has went on to become one of the bands many signature hits.

THE HOOPERS were formed via Fudanjuku’s “Next Generation Audition”. Fudanjuku has a concept very similar to THE HOOPERS, where all the female members dress like men. Both groups are greatly inspired by the legendary all female theater troupe “Takarazuka Revue”. After making their live debut in 2014, THE HOOPERS released in their debut single the following year titled “Itoshi Koishi Kimi Koishi”

SHAMROCK will be released in three different versions. Besides the title track all three will include the original song “Yurameku Hono”, for this song the girls collaborated with vocaloid producer 40mP. The regular CD only editions of SHAMROCK will have two exclusive b-sides.

Type A has a song called “Kotoba Territory”, and type B features a song called “Gakuen Kyun Kyun Situation.” What makes “Gakuen Kyun Kyun Situation” so special is that it comes in 8 different versions for each member of the group. When listening to a specific members version it gives the realistic feeling of them actually whispering in your ear, so it’s highly recommended that you listen to the song while wearing headphones. The limited edition CD+DVD version will contain the full SHAMROCK MV, and a making-of film.

SHAMROCK will be released on August 9th, 2017. A 30 second preview of the SHAMROCK MV can be seen below!